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What is an Inner Vision Workshop?

An Inner Vision Workshop is designed for a small group or individual to safely go within and find out what your spirit is trying to tell you through grounding exercises, guided meditation and vision making. I create a safe space in a supportive environment for you to flourish.

What happens in the Inner Vision Workshop?

I take you through Grounding exercises, a Guided Meditation and gentle guidance that builds your confidence to find your Inner Vision. This workshop is clear and intentionally guided from within. It’s a journey of exploring and revealing. No two Vision Boards are ever alike because no two peoples’ visions are ever the same.

Why is Inner Vision Important?

Finding your Inner Vision is a powerful tool to gain clarity to see and embrace what’s next for you.

What’s the difference between an Inner Vision Board and a Vision Board?

An Inner Vision Board is a technique I developed to connect with your inner voice (the spirit within you) to find out your hearts deepest desire. A way to see what your life is telling you.

A vision board is a collage of images to attract material things you want

What if I’m not crafty?

You don’t have to be, it’s not a craft project. It’s a representation of what your inner voice has to tell you.

How much is the Inner Vision Workshop?

The Inner Vision Board Workshop is $330 per participant. If you desire a personalized coaching experience, contact me at:

How long is the Inner Vision Workshop?

The Inner Vision Workshop is 3-4 hours long. This is a treat to yourself to get centered and FOCUSED ON YOU! This is a deep dive into the vision for your life and cannot be rushed. You are worth taking time for.

What supplies do I need?

10 Inspirational Magazines. Choose magazines that inspire and have a feel you really enjoy.

Why do you limit the class size?

To facilitate a deeper and expanded Inner Vision.

Can I get my money back?

Refunds are not available; however, you can reschedule within the next two workshops.

What supplies do you provide?

You will be sent these supplies in the mail for the Inner Vision Workshop

2 Poster Boards – 14X11 & 22X25

1 Pair of Scissors

1 Craft Glue Stick

4 Command Stickers